This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

Intro to Building and Testing with Phonegap

After you've configured AppPresser plugins and theme on your website, you'll want to test your app on a device. This is done by compiling your app with Phonegap.

In it's simplest form, this means you create your PhoneGap files using our  build form, and upload the resulting .zip file to Phonegap Build. Full instructions on Phonegap Build here

Phonegap Build takes care of the rest, you will then be able to test on your device. (iOS requires that you jump through some hoops first regarding  certificates)

If we break it down step by step, it looks like this:

  1. Configure your app in WordPress using AppPresser theme and plugins
  2. Fill out the PhoneGap File build form, and download the resulting .zip file.
  3. Upload .zip file to Phonegap Build
    1. iOS will require some configuration and certificates prior to being able to test on a device, or submit to the app stores
    2. Android does not require anything to test, but requires a signing key to submit to the app stores
  4. Test on your device. If everything looks good, move on to app store submission.