This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

Phonegap Project Files Configuration (v2)

Important: version 2+ only. For version 1 (purchased in 2015 or before) please see the v1 docs here.

The Phonegap Build Files are used to compile your native app for device testing or app store submission.

Automatic PhoneGap Project Builder

For AppPresser 2, you can now use our automatic project builder. This is a simple form you fill out that automatically generates your PhoneGap project files, then you can simply upload to PhoneGap Build.

Using AppAds

On our project builder form, there is a checkbox to use AppAds. Check this to include the necessary PhoneGap plugin. Only include this plugin if you plan on using ads in your app.

Generate your PhoneGap project files

First, login to your account, then visit Fill out the form and submit, then you can download a zip file.

Upload the provided zip file to PhoneGap Build. Further instructions  can be found here.

If you use the automatic builder above, you do not need to proceed any further on this page.

Manual Configuration

If you would like to configure your project files manually, follow the instructions below.

You can download your PhoneGap Build Files from your  account page. After downloading the files, unzip them.

Open the project folder. You will need to make edits to the config.xml and index.html files at a minimum.

Config.xml File

Open config.xml. This is where you can set the name and preferences for your app.

Starting at line 6, you'll want to edit app id, name, description, and author. App ID can be any reverse domain name, such as Your ID must be unique, and you cannot use numbers to start each section (com.12app.34me). 

(Edit the highlighted areas with your app and company information)

It is not required to make any more edits to this file. You can review the advanced options, or skip to "index.html file" below.

Advanced config.xml options

Crosswalk for Android enhances performance considerably, but it makes your app package larger. It is disabled by default, but we highly recommend enabling it.

To enable Crosswalk, uncomment it by changing this line:

<!-- <gap:plugin name="org.crosswalk.engine" version="1.3.0" /> -->

to this

<gap:plugin name="org.crosswalk.engine" version="1.3.0" />

Index.html File

Open the index.html file. You'll need to change to your website url.

Make sure to leave the ?appp=2 at the end of the data-iframe source. You can also change the page title to your app name.

Offline Files

This folder also contains any files used for offline mode, such as offline.html.

Please see our  offline mode documentationd to create offline functionality.

Icons and Splashscreens

The /res folder includes the icon and splash screen images for each platform.

To add custom icons and splashscreens, replace each image with your custom image. Do not change the size, filename, or file extension.

You are now ready to build your app! Zip the entire project folder, and upload to Phonegap Build. Further instructions  can be found here.