This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

AppPresser Overview

Welcome to AppPresser

Thank you for your interest in building with AppPresser. We hope you enjoy your time with our suite of tools and build awesome applications with it, all on top of the ever-familiar WordPress CMS.

Getting Started

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What is AppPresser

AppPresser is a suite of WordPress extensions and theme that will help you build applications, ready for smartphone App stores. AppPresser is more than just a mobile theme, it uses PhoneGap to bridge your WordPress site with users' smartphone and integrates itself with the smartphone's hardware like the camera, geolocation, and more.

Once you have completed, tested, and built your application and it is release ready, you can publish the application to Apple's iOS App Store and Google Play. People all over the world will have instant access to download or purchase your app.

Won't I need to learn a completely new skillset for that?

If you are already familiar with making a WordPress website, you are already most of the way there. You won't be needing to learn languages or toolkits like Objective C, Java, or SDK. Just build like you always have.

Once you are ready to begin, you can utilize the core AppPresser plugin and purchase available premium extensions/theme as a starting point to make WordPress look and behave like a native app. You will have sliding panels, menus, and ability to access device hardware at the tip of your fingers to help tailor user experience.

Ready to sell your app in the app stores? You can export and build the app yourself with the PhoneGap Build files, or we can help you package it all up so that it's ready for submission to the stores. Want to just use it on the web? That's ok too. The App store submission is not a requirement.

Where can I get more information to help me create?

You're in the right place. Please use the navigation on the left to see the rest of our documentation. If you see any issues or have feedback regarding the documentation, please let us know so that we can get those addressed as soon as possible. email us