This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

A Quick Start Guide

Below you will find information and tutorials to get you started using AppPresser and AppPresser extensions. The "Introduction" links will lead you to detailed pages about settings, shortcodes, and hooks available with each extension, and the others will try to be more tutorial orientated to help you get a good foothold before you move on.

Video: Install and Configure AppPresser

Quick Start Guide

The process of developing an app with AppPresser goes like this:

  1. Install AppPresser plugins and theme
  2. Configure plugin settings
  3. Customize your theme, make app-only menu and pages (optional)
  4. Test with Preview app (optional)
  5. Build app with Phonegap
  6. Test app, submit to app stores

The customization of how your app looks will be handled by the AppTheme, special features such as the camera or push notifications are handled in extension plugins.

Developing your app is very similar to developing a WordPress site, then when you are done you wrap it into a mobile app with Phonegap.

Let's go over each of these steps in detail.

1. Install AppPresser plugins and theme

First, install and activate the AppPresser core plugin. Login to your WordPress website, go to Plugins->Add New, and search for "AppPresser." Install and activate.

Next, you'll install and activate any extensions. For each extension, download the .zip file from your account page. Login to your WordPress website, go to Plugins->Add New->Upload, and upload the .zip file (do not unzip the file before uploading).

Activate each extension after uploading.

Installing An AppPresser Theme

Please note that the AppPresser Theme cannot be uploaded as a plugin. Instead, go to Appearance->Themes->Add New->Upload, and upload the theme .zip file.

Do not activate the theme, it should stay inactive. The AppPresser core plugin handles switching this to the active theme for the mobile app.

2. Configure Plugin Settings

Next, visit the AppPresser settings menu to configure your app.

Here you can set the app-only menu, homepage, and add your license keys.

For now, check the box that says "Load AppPresser for admins only," then save. If you visit your website now, it should show the AppTheme.

Configuring extensions

Each extension is used differently, please consult the  documentation for your extension for usage information.

License keys

Apply your license key in the appropriate key location. If you see a green bar that says "Activated", you have successfully applied a valid key. Otherwise, it'll let you know that your license key is invalid or provide a link to acquire one.

License keys are not required for you to use the extensions, but they are required if you want to be able to receive updates to the extensions as they are released, and should be put in when you get them.

3. Customize your App

Customizing the way your app looks is a matter of customizing the AppPresser Theme. This works the same way as any WordPress theme, you can either customize colors using our provided options, or create a child theme for further customization.

App Colors

First, make sure you've chosen your App-only theme, such as "Ion" or "AppTheme." Save the settings.

Next, click the blue "Open Customizer" button on the AppPresser settings page to customize your app colors.

Anything you change here will only be applied to the app, it won't affect your normal site theme.

You can choose a custom menu for your app here as well. When you are done, save your changes.

You can check how your app is looking by visiting your site while logged in, with the "Load AppPresser for Admins Only" box checked in the AppPresser settings. (Device features like the camera and geolocation won't work in the browser)

If you want to get really custom, you can use your own child theme, and set that as your app only theme in the AppPresser settings.

Please see the AppTheme Docs for more information and usage.

4. Test With AppPresser Preview (Optional)

Our Preview app allows you to test on a device without any additional steps.


- You must have at least the AppPresser core plugin version 2+ installed and configured.
- AppPresser 2 only

How to use the app

After downloading and installing the Preview app on your device, enter your website url like this:

You do not need to add any url parameters, or add  http:// to the url.


Download for iOS here, or search for "AppPresser Preview" in the iOS store. (Android coming soon)

Some features like push notifications do not work in the Preview app, it's just to get an idea. To give your app a final test and get ready to submit to the app stores, you'll want to build it with Phonegap Build.

5. Building Your App with PhoneGap Build

For AppPresser 2, you can now use our automatic project builder. This is a simple form you fill out that automatically generates your PhoneGap project files, then you can upload them to Phonegap Build.

First, login to  your account, then visit Fill out the form and submit, then you can download a zip file.

Upload the provided zip file to Phonegap Build, you will need a free account. Getting the app onto an iOS device is a little complicated, Android is easy.  Further instructions  can be found here.

Looking for AppPresser 1 instructions? Download the version 1 Phonegap Project Files from your account page, modify as necessary, and then upload to Phonegap Build.

Please see our build documentation for detailed instructions on this process. You can also find information on submitting your app to the app stores on the same page.