This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

Building Your App with Phonegap

It is a multiple step process to prepare your app for the app stores.

  1. Develop the site with WordPress and AppPresser in preparation for the PhoneGap build.
  2. Generate necessary certificates and files with your Apple and Google developer accounts
  3. If incorporating Push Notifications, set up your app with PushWoosh.
  4. Build the app files using Phonegap Build
  5. Submit the app to Apple and/or Google Play (active developer licenses required)
  6. Wait for approval.

You have two options available: handle all of this yourself, or purchase a service bundle we have available to have us handle steps 2 through 5. It's up to you and your comfort level. It is a pretty involved process, which is why we offer the paid build service.

Learn more about our paid app build service

Build Your App with Phonegap Build

Note: If you just want to test on a device, try out our Preview app

You can build and submit the app yourself using Phonegap and your own developer accounts.

1. Create a free account at

You can build one app for free, if you'd like to do more than one app you can upgrade to a paid account.

Next, sign in and go to "Apps."

2. Add a new app, upload your .zip file

Click the "New App" button at the top right, choose a private repo, and then upload the PhoneGap project .zip file you created using our build form.

When the file is uploaded, click "Ready to Build."

3. Downloading the app to a device (Android)

When the app is finished building, you can scan the QR code with an Android device, using any QR scanner app. The app will go to your Downloads folder, open that folder and click the app to finish installing.

4. iOS

iOS requires setting up a developer certificate and provisioning profile before you can install the app on your device. This process is fairly involved, here are some references to help:

You will need an iOS developer account, first you need to create the certificates through Apple, then upload them to PhoneGap Build following the instructions in the links above.

Submitting to the App Store

After you have built and tested your app, you are ready to submit to the app stores.