This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

App Submission Service

If creating certificates and building with PhoneGap is not something you'd like to do, we can do it for you. With this service, we create all of the necessary certificates, build your app, and submit to the iOS and Android app stores. (We do not install or configure AppPresser on your WordPress site).

To see purchase options, please click the link below.

App Build Service Purchase Options

What you need to know about our submission service

Before purchasing, please email us a description of your app, along with your intended app site url. We can determine if your site is is a good fit for this service. (We may need to decline building your app or suggest changes)

If you things look good and you proceed with a purchased build service, please complete these steps first:

  1. You will need an active developer license for the platforms you wish to build for. You can get those here:
  2. After signing up for your developer accounts, you can add [email protected] onto your account so we have our own login. Use the following resources for more information on how to add extra members.

Important: we do not guarantee your app to be accepted by the app stores, and we do not offer refunds for any reason.