This documentation is for AppPresser 2 only. For AppPresser 3 docs, click here.

AppPresser 2 Preview App

The AppPresser Preview App allows you to preview your app on a device without having to build the app or deal with any certificates. This is especially helpful for iOS.


- You must have at least the AppPresser core plugin version 2+ installed and configured.
- AppPresser 2 only

How to use the app

After downloading and installing the Preview app on your device, enter your website url like this:

You do not need to add any url parameters, or add http:// to the url.  However, if you are using SSL, you will need to enter https:// to your URL.


Download for iOS here

Download for Android


The Preview app is so you can get an idea what your app will look like, it is not an exact version of your final app. If you encounter issues or bugs, please build your app as described in our documentation for testing.

Most extensions will work with the app, except push notifications.